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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Rat Creek Design is a motion graphic design and FX studio specializing in compositing and animation.


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Rat Creek Design is an award winning motion graphic and visual FX studio specializing in creative concepts and design for screen-based delivery. We have a vast range of talent and experience and strive to provide quality service with careful attention to detail.

Our services include Art Direction; Motion Graphic Design; Visual FX, 2D/3D Animation; Compositing; and Show Packaging.

Art Direction

From motion design elements to process visualization, infographic animation to creative visual effects; if you have a message that needs to move we can help you choose the most dynamic way to make it happen. Whether it's brainstorming on how to accomplish a certain look in a production, making a bullet list of text more interesting, animating a logo or spicing up a series of photos or videos, we can give you solutions that bring your ideas to life.

Bring us in at the planning stage and we can help shape your content to maximize the integration of your motion gfx elements. Creative decisions for post-production made at the start of a project can make realizing your vision so much easier!


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics come in many forms: moving text, animated logos, charts, images, maps, diagrams - elements of all varieties can be put to use in your production. Broadcast television shows, commercials, indie short films, corporate promotions, training videos, art pieces can all benefit from motion graphics designed to illustrate, enhance and entertain. We can design new elements completely from scratch or can create complementary elements that fit into an existing look and feel to enhance a current campaign.


Visual FX, Greenscreen & Compositing

Rat Creek has produced many hours of Greenscreen keyed production, ranging from feature film to television series, commercials and websites. This includes motion tracking, virtual sets, background replacement and motion masking. We also do cool visual effects like lasers, gunshots, smoke and steam, environment effects and a whole host of other effects.


2D & 3D animation

We've come up with many animated characters for commercials and television shows over the years. We can animate characters you've already developed or our team of illustrator can come up with character concepts for you. Vector style, anime influenced, retro, southparky, cutout collage - we can offer you numerous style choices. Animated 3D logos, text elements and characters too! Many of our projects are a combination of 2D & 3D elements together in a 3D environment - sometimes referred to as "2.5D" or "two and a half D", which is very cost effective and not as time consuming as full-on 3D.


Show packaging

We've created complete show packaging for a number or series; show opener, bumps, transitions, lower thirds, supers, info screens, bugs, coming ups, maps and much more. We can work with you and your editing team to make the post process go smoothly while keeping the creativity alive!


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